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Loan Sum USD 25 million minimum.
Meeting with Dean Wentworth Following Euroasian's acceptance of an application, we will call for a meeting between the Applicant, his Advisers and Dean Wentworth. This meeting is designed to enable both parties to reach a comfort level.
Documentation Other than travel related disbursement costs, Euroasian makes no up front charge however you should be aware that if you do not already have your file well documented, you may incur some costs yourself in obtaining the documentation that a Lender requires, i.e., an appraisal report, a Business Plan, a Feasibility Study, Accountancy fees, Legal costs etc. etc. Client meetings are normally held in Sydney for which there is no charge. Alternative meeting locations are Hong Kong, Zurich or San Francisco. Our time and travel related disbursement charges apply in relation to any travel assignment.
Processing Time Euroasian will seek to satisfy itself, prior to issuing any Expression of Interest Letter, that Euroasian has sufficient time in which to complete the application process. Where insufficient time exists, Euroasian will not accept instructions.
Making Application Application for any of Euroasian's facilities may be made by completing our "Tell Us About Your Project" forms which will be supplied upon request.
Terms and Conditions Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice
Representative Offices Dean Wentworth is now semi-retired having delegated the administration of his personal and company affairs, to Attorneys and Accountants in the Offices as listed on our letterhead. Please note that these Representative Offices do not process Loan or Investment Applications.

All Applications Must Be Submitted In English

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